Thursday, December 28, 2006

YouTube & Stickam update

Greetings Everyone & Happy Holidays!
I am sure, many of you are wondering where I have been? It's been an interesting holiday season so far here. Family and friends have been over for the holiday feast and present exchanges, as is customary. That meant decorating, cleaning, and a good bit of cooking. That has taken up a substantial bit of time.

Now that the 1st of the seasons celebrations has past, it's time to get ready for the next, the New year.

The past year has been full of wondrous opportunities, new friends, and personal growth. I have indeed been blessed both in my personal life outside the computer and online. I am always amazed by life in general. But this has been quite a year! I found that sharing my philosophy with others gave me a much richer life as well. I have found other like minded individuals, people who were not only willing to listen to what I had to say but also act accordingly, and those who offer thanks for the perspective that was a little different than their own.

If I were asked to name one thing that made me happy this year it would have to be the community of people I was lucky enough to find on YouTube and Stickam. You Guys are Great and I thank you all for being friends & fans. You have made this year awesome!

So, whats next? I can only imagine. I can tell you what my plans are. On Youtube, I am planning to 1st catch up on some loose ends ( Zenbay & Tiny kites). I will be bringing back the "Ask Zen" series of videos and be doing more Meditative vlogs (as requested). Thanks to a new 2 Ghz computer I hope these will be better edited and presented. While the look maybe a little different, the message will remain the same. So, look forward to the new vlogs!

On Stickam, I am planning to be Live more often. After a recent message from, and phone conversation with Arron Novak followed by a live stickam conversation with Andyfox & Cj of Stickam, I am very excited about where Stickam is headed and the changes they are currently considering. The Invite to change my account to the new "creator account" was very nice. I am sure many of you were also contacted to do this. I immediately made a banner for Balancing Act and added it.

I had planned to buy a channel subscription to web radio Live365 and do a talk radio show. Now, Stickam has made it easier and even more affordable! So... Rather than be scattered all over the web, I will be doing the show from Stickam. I hope you will stop in and have a listen.

At Rook has extended his hosting offer for the following year, I have acquired some new software to create flash websites, and thanks to donations have set aside the money to pay for the domain for the next year when this one expires. You will see a richer more comprehensive site develop over the next year. The site will be the same as my vlogs in many ways. Suggestions for personal growth. So, I will be working hard to being you the best that i can there as well.

I hope you will all come by, take a look, and subscribe so you don't miss all of these improvements to Balancing Act. Share with me your experiences, hopes, dreams, and most of all friendship through the next year. It's gonna be AWESOME!

Until next time... Be Well! ~Zen Archer

Sunday, December 17, 2006

ConGrats & Seasons Greetings DaleATL2

My youtube Friend and His wife just had their second child, "Kinsley Mychelle". This is just my own way of saying congrats. If you are on youtube, or visit there, please by all means, stop by and see Daleatl2 and congrat him as well. Until next time, be well! ~ Zen Archer

Monday, December 11, 2006

Welcome & What are Friends?

Your Views and opinions are welcome here as well. Please Feel Free to Comment and tell me what you think. Or... You may want to send me a message on Youtube or a Video Response.
Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Thursday, December 07, 2006

About My Penis Pic..

About The Entry below..

On Dec 6th 2006 ( my 50th Birthday ) I had a great party in my friend SubTzuBuddhas Stickam room. As always, I held with my trudition of being in my Birthday Suit for at least one hour for my birthday. Since Stickam is not a place for nudity, I desided to share my nakedness with everyone in a very special way. Yes, I said everyone on my friends list ( almost 400 people ) would receive a nice pic of.... my penis. ( some were not exactly happy at the promis ) Since I wasn't sure how to send the pic in a Stickam mail post. I desided rather than have my friends miss such a rare event. I would simply share the pic with you all here! Happy B-Day Me!

=o) Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

My promised birthday "penis pic" =o)

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Friday, November 24, 2006


My friend Rodney Put up a Nice Thanksgiving Vlog.. and I thought I would share it with you.. Be Well! ~Zen Archer

Friday, November 17, 2006

Re: One World

My friend MadV has recently Posted a new video. It's been ages since he did that. I was only too happy to stand up and join him in the One World video. I hope you will also.
Til next time.. Be Well!~ Zen Archer

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tribune Update

As many of your know.. I was visited by the Chicago Tribune. I was more than honored I must say. Today, I am even more honored. They didn't just put me in the Sunday Paper, but have also included me in an online video about the rivalry between Google Video and YouTube.

If you would be interested in seeing this Video.. Please follow the link here......,1,705287.htmlstory?coll=chi-business-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

How can I say anything to the Tribune except Thanks so very much.

Until next time.. Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Still Standing Tall! YouTube Extra!

I am In The Big Time NOW!

While the Yahoo account is still compromised, I have managed to recover this account. Please note that the donation button, paypal, and my ebay accounts all use a POP Mail account that i don't use for anything else. They are NOT EFFECTED by any of this. So, donations are still sercure.

Something else to note!
I was contacted by the Chicago Tribune on the 20th to let me know that the article I was to be in was Published that morning. Some of my websites were mentioned and one of the pics that had taken was used. I don't live in the area so, I have yet to see the article. I would love to have a copy, if anyone can send me one. Let me know & I will give you an address to send it too.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Zen Archer Pimp My Video!

I am back after my brief absence. I desided, after watching alot of amazing videos as well as some bad ones, to allow others a little better chance to be seen. They get more friends and Subscribers, you get to see some little known artists.
Everyone Wins!
Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Saturday, August 19, 2006

News? What News?

Hi Everyone!

I had mentioned to a few of you that there "maybe" and article in a news paper featuring me and some photos of me. I am sad to say that I got the following from the photographer today at 10:45 a.m.

Photographer ( user name witheld by request)
Zen, might as well keep using your screen name...True to form, the story has been delayed, so it will not be running this Sunday after all. Also, there might be undergoing major revisions, which may push up or down the significance of our photo. I tend to think that the photo will survive any changes because video on the internet is a huge battleground for companies like YouTube and Google. Sorry about these convulsions. It unfortunately can happen with these big projects.

I replies that I was a little disappointed, but understood these things can happen. Perhaps, the Photos will be useful in the future article.

So.. Don't go running out to get the paper... I probably will not be there.

As Always, I wish you Be Well! ~ Zen Archer
ZenEbay Primer to the Series

Greetings everyone!
I have Started the Series "ZenEbay" as you can see.. Are you ready to make some money! I hope so. We will go through the entire process here.. get your Ebay and Paypal accounts set up and verified and stay tuned!

Until then.. Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Great NEWS - well for me anyway..

Hi Everyone!

This has been an exciting day for me for sure. Some of you answered my bulletin calling for people from Chicago recently. Those who have, already know what it was all about. A news paper in Chicago is doing a news story on YouTube and the users of the service. I was contacted and asked to be part of that interview and to have some photos taken for the paper. I origionaly declined, as I believed that my recent contract with a new website would exclude me from doing such a thing. I offered to assit in finding people in the area, whom I knew of, for them to look at as an alternative. So, I posted that bulletin for all my friends to see. Apparently the paper did contact someone and for some unknown reason are not able to get in contact with them. They in turn asked me to try to contact this person and my attempts were unsuccessful. I wrote back and told them, I had also tried.

Well.. today, I spoke with the (as of yet undisclosed) company I have contracted with and they asure me there would be no problems. I figured.. SURE! now you tell me! haha! I didn't think much more of it. However, as things sometimes seem work, for no apparent rhyme or reason, I got yet another call. From the News Paper! Seems they are pushed for the story and wanted to ask me again, if I was sure.

I explained that I had spoken with "the powers that be" and they said there would be no problem. As a result, I could do the interview & photo shoot. They said they would be in contact with me later today.. and I could expect to see them either Wednesday or Thursday. So.. right now it is looking as if I will be on the pages of the paper. How cool is that!

Here's an other little something extra...

There has been alot of talk on YouTube about vlogers accepting donations from those who watch them. I have vlogged on it myself. My view is, if someone is putting their time and energy into vlogging and others want to donate to the entertainment they get from these people, then I see no reason why that shouldn't happen.

However, YouTube Terms of Service excludes such things on the YouTube Site. If you watch my vlogs, especialy the one on the Terms of Service agreement on YouTube, You know that I try to follow it. in addition, YouTube pages are not customizable enough to put a donation button up. So, doing so on the YouTube Site, can't and shouldn't happen.

I have however, made the button available here for those who would like to use it. ( no one should feel ANY obligation to do so ) I am actualy, just testing the button out here. It will eventualy be moved to my own website. But at least for the time being you will find it here, just below the Blogger Icon in the sidebar.

Thats one more duck in line...

As many of you know, I recently Did a Joke Vlog about "starting a new religion". In that vlog I said we needed a Logo or Symbol. While I was only joking, endust3 almost immediately met the call with a new logo. I liked it alot. The Logo encompasses a number of recognisable symbols, including a yin-yang, a fish, & an Ank Cross. Since my philosophy of Karma-Zen is very much like that (barrowing from multiple inspirations) I thought it was a good logo to actualy use. I liked it so much that I have added it to a couple of items at the Balancing Act cafepress Gift Shop (

So as you can see.. it's been a busy and exciting day!

Thanks for stopping by the blog...
As Always.. I bid you... Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Cyber Cops & Real Life Criminals..

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, as the case maybe in your part of the world. It’s morning here. About 15 minutes before 8am. I am having a morning cup of coffee, my 1st few smokes and watching the news.
One particular story drew my attention. Seems a young girl (High School Age) had been jumped at her school by 3 or 4 girls. Just another say in paradise, I thought. BUT…these unknown girls made a huge mistake. You see they had a problem with the girl who was jumped due to her “MYSPACE “ page. Once they had committed the crime against her.. They bragged about what they had done.. Guess Where? YEP! MySpace! The girl saw this, contacted her local police who then requested the information from MySpace. Who of corse complied. End of the Story? All of the girls who had committed the crime have been arrested.

So.. I thought to myself.. Well GOOD! When I contacted outside sorces regarding an incident. MANY said, “no one can do anything except the service”. Guess again folks! Yep its nice to see these services comply with requests for information when it involves a criminal case. The Steps are clear. Notify local authorities, and a lawyer. Lawyers can often help to push police to action and usually will do the initial leg work to get things moving. Law Enforcement will then make requests when they are aware a criminal act is in fact taking place. These people who commit these crimes often feel untouchable because they are on the web. Slowly they are getting the message. They are in fact more vulnerable than the victims they pursue.

The Incident I mentioned isn’t the 1st time MySpace has been helpful to law enforcement. In addition graffitti artists ( known as taggers) have also been discovered on services like MySpace. I am providing 2 links below. The 1st is a report of 3 or 4 taggers, averaging age 17, being arrested and paying fines for the property damage they had created. My point here isn’t that Taggers are good or bad.. But that the law in many areas have officers dedicated to finding clues and individuals thorugh the internet. It isn’t just the cases of child molesters. It’s for much lesser crimes. I for one think that’s great!
How often does that really happen, skeptics may ask.. The answer is in this exert from Walking a new beat by MSNBC. “MySpace now contributing to about 150 investigations a month, according to Jason Feffer, its vice president for operations.”

Walking a New Beat
Surfing helps cops crack the case.

Web Site Helps Police Track Down Stoughton Vandals
3 Taggers (graffitti Artists caught and fined)

My personal feelings are that these things should be dealt with BEFORE something happens rather than reactively.
Until Next Time.. Be Well! ~Zen Archer
My Religion!

This by far was one of the most brilliant things I have done. So many have gotten "into" it. With a new Logo, a volunteer virgin, and a few desiples. My fans & friends are truely awesome!
Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Little Faith

Just a little something I put together that when I heard this Nickle creek Song..

Friday, August 11, 2006


Do to the ability to post from youtube directly to Blogger, I have decided to add this blog. This, I hope will help to integrate my blogs, podcasts, balancing act stores, donation buttons, etc. Please feel free to comment or message me, if you have any ideas for improvement to the sites.

Until Next time.. As Always.. I wish you all, Be Well! ~ Zen Archer