Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still Standing Tall! YouTube Extra!

I am In The Big Time NOW!

While the Yahoo account is still compromised, I have managed to recover this account. Please note that the donation button, paypal, and my ebay accounts all use a POP Mail account that i don't use for anything else. They are NOT EFFECTED by any of this. So, donations are still sercure.

Something else to note!
I was contacted by the Chicago Tribune on the 20th to let me know that the article I was to be in was Published that morning. Some of my websites were mentioned and one of the pics that had taken was used. I don't live in the area so, I have yet to see the article. I would love to have a copy, if anyone can send me one. Let me know & I will give you an address to send it too.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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