Friday, April 20, 2007

What's It All Mean?

What does it all mean is a question I am asking myself today. The Question isn't about the Virginia Tech Killer or the Students who were his victims. No, It's about the growing role of internet on demand media.

With this Story we saw fast on the spot reporting of the events as they unfolded. Not just by traditional press like CNN, MSNBC, and Local News Broadcasts, but also by Bloggers and podcasters literally around the world. What we didn't see, interestingly enough was reports from the Students who were there at the "event". Yes, there was one student who pulled out his cell phone and took a few seconds of video. We saw THAT on national television.

But where was the Schools News Crew? Why is it we didn't see up to date YouTube Videos? Why wasn't a Stickam or Ustream member live and giving updates? Do you know why? Here's what I THINK..

THEY DIDN'T KNOW! Students were sent E-mails. This is true. But with technology what it is today, why in the world didn't the entire campus erupt in cell phone ring tones? Where were the INSTANT MESSAGES? Why weren't the Speakers across the campus sounding like the M*A*S*H PA Horns? " WARNING WOUNDED ARRIVING "

Could it possibly be in this world of Instant messages and Global communication, we don't think what happens in our "little part of the world" is important enough to share? Are we taking the power we have sitting on our desks, in our laps, in our pockets, and at our very fingertips for grated? Is it possible that We just don't understand the power of the tools we have and what it can mean to the world?

Certainly, the traditional media do. They can't wait to get online to embrace this new media for advertising. Web pages are so full of ads that they look like a New York Subway wall. Every radio station, television station, and Newspaper have a Dot Com today.

My Question isn't what can We do to change this... no.. My question is....

What Will YOU do? My Challenge to you is to get involved in reporting and sharing what happens in Your community however Big or Small and make a difference. The Only True Democracy is an Informed Democracy and You can make that a reality rather than a dream. Vlog, Blog, Podcast, ShoutCast and Contribute. What you have to say from Fact to Opinion is IMPORTANT & Needed.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A few changes are in the works...

I have taken a look at the show, the Blog, and Our Archives and noticed a few changes that I feel need to be made. I have noticed, for instace, that the Blog has become for all means and purposes a postmortem of the Radio Show for the most part and has taken a different direction that I had origionaly intended. We have an Archive Podcast that pretty much serves that purpose. So, to do it on the Blog is redundant. In the future, information about the show, links to websites talked about etc will be found on the "Zen Live Radio Review" Site. ( Archives will still be available to listen too on a player at the Blog. You will also notice a player for the other podcasts I do under "The Balancing Act" heading... "BalancingAct Podcast" and "A Zen Life" Podcast.

Early on when I started the Zen Live Radio show, I thought it would be a GREAT Idea to do the show from my Personal Stickam Site. My friends would be find it easily and those on my list would know when the show was live. At that time.. it was a great idea. But things have changed. The line between ZenArcher, the person, and the Zen Live Radio show has become blurred. So.. We have created a Stickam profile specificly for the Zen Live Radio show "Zen_Live". I hope those interested in the show and keeping up on what we are doing with it will ADD Zen_Live to there friends list. The Zen Live Radio show also now has its own E-mail address

Hopefully, the changes I am making will make things a little more organized and less redundant. The Blog will gradually get back to its original intended purpose. To muse over living life less stressed and happier.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Zen Live Radio - April 1st

The scheduled show was to be on "the changing face of media" but due to issues with my ISP and Skype we decided to reschedule and close early. In addition, there were connectivity problems with Tara916, who is currently in West Palm Beach Florida.

We did welcome our newest addition to the show "Lindsay". Play a Review by Tara916 of the movie " A Peaceful Warrior" that opened the weekend of Feb 30th-April 1st. (Note: We posted a link to get Free Tickets to the Opening Screening on the Profile).

Also of note was the Announcement of Google's new FREE Offer of Broadband Service that connected through your commode (toilet) which was of coarse an April fools joke. In addition, I announced that we would soon be on Sirius Radio channel 114 thanks to a new affiliate approval by This was also our lil April Fools joke and was exposed as such in the last moments of the show.

All in all we had fun despite the problems, but did decide the best thing to do was reschedule the show for Sunday April 15th. We look forward to seeing you then!

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer