Monday, February 26, 2007

Zen Live - Friends Helping Friends & Bartering

This was our second show with the new set up and with the exception of some call-in problems & forgetting to start the archive on time, went very well. No Special guests, but a very verbose audience and that kept things light and fun. During Our breaks we played the music of both Jim Wayne and Lem from LiveVideo .com. Both songs had been featured on that site. I also mentioned that I have started a forum topic for users ranging from artist to techie to offer their work to the community for use or barter. Tara and Euchre each delved into areas of Friends helping Friends that I hadn’t considered making this a very well rounded show. I hope you enjoy our Feb 25th Show.

Intermission music provided by --

Greg aka "NotFromToronto":
(song - Waiting )

Jim Wayne :
(song - Your my Ship )
(song - Valse De Masque )

You can of course hear the latest Podcast of the show at ZenLive.Podbean.Com

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zen Live Show - Suspensions & Ban Lists

The show went great and was yet another of our best. The machine worked, pod was recorded, show shoutcast, topic well received and audience participation was top notch. We finally allowed calls into the show both through Skype and our call in skype phone number. I am Very Pleased with the result.

This Show was on the Suspensions at, & as well as the DMCA and Dealing with HATE on these services & the people who are involved in perpetuating this hate.

Argent009 was invited as a guest to explain his position, but he was for one reason or another not in attendance. One of the people Argent009 has identified as a “Terrorist” ( Argents word not mine ) came to the show to listen and was invited to phone in with his side. In Addition, Pipistrello ( of Wingspan Radio at Stickam & youtube member ) made a Skype call in to the show and spoke on the Anti-Hate method he purposed at Youtube called the R.I.D. Campaign.

Over all a great show with great guests.. I hope you enjoy the Archive of Our Feb 18th Show at Podbean.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Monday, February 12, 2007

Feb 11th Zen Live Radio - Global Warming & Green Living

The show on Global Warming and Green Living was by far our best show since we have been doing Zen Live Radio. The audience participation was above average with visitors listing facts, websites, and their own experiences. My co-hosts Tara916 and Euchre put hours into researching the topic and it showed in spades.

Below are some links for those of you who would like more info on Global Warming and Green Living.

To learn about "Inconvenient Truth" (the movie):

If you would like to plant trees to offset CO2:

There's no better place to witness the disruption of ecosystems and cultures by global warming than the Arctic. This February 14th, Will Steger and his team of Inuit hunters, explorers and educators, will embark on a 1200-mile, four-month-long expedition across the Canadian Arctic's Baffin Island to get a first-hand look at how global warming is impacting the landscape, wildlife, and human communities.
You can follow Will Steger's Global Warming 101 Expedition at to learn what is happening to the region.

And of course, don't forget to check out:

The U.S. House of Representatives "committee on Science and Technology:

Stop Global Warming Website:

Unfortunity, the show had its problems. Even after re-cabling the entire set up, we still had a loud 60 cycle hmmmm. Since we couldn't do a skype conference we dropped back to using the stickam audio. This resulted in lag, however not as bad as we thought. The Shoutcast software did a great job broadcasting the show to both servers. However, due to a misplaced character, None of the Show was Archived. We only became aware of this after the show and too late to fix it. So, our best show is history.

One Last Note: There were some RUMORS flying around after the show that we had been "Attacked" during the show. Nothing could be father from the truth. We has a few people attempt to be disruptive, that's the internet and these things happen. We simply added them to ignore and went on with the show as usual. There was only 1 or 2 of these individuals and there was no significant impact on the show or its listeners.

Thanks again to all who tuned in, visited, and participated in the show. We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Until then, as always.. Be Well! ~Zen Archer

Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb 4th - Youtube/LiveVideo & Making $ Online

While we had our share of problems, the show went great. The Stickam Audience got involved in the discussion, the Zipster stopped in and answered questions, the total audience has grown to over 140 people. I couldn't be more pleased. This was the 1st Zen Live Radio Show that was Shoutcast to Internet radio listeners and our 1st to be recorded for archive. The show was completely user supported. Music was provided by Notfromtoronto (Greg), the commercials provided by Wingspans Radio & KnockOutRadio, Hosting for the show provided by and Zefie hosting ( previously Rkuchki of youtube ). My Supporting co-hosts (Tara916 & Euchre) volunteered hours of time selflessly. Thanks to every one who has supported Zen Live Radio!

The Archive of the show is available at

Until next time.. Stay Tuned & Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

Friday, February 02, 2007

Exciting News ( for You and Us)

Hi Everyone!

Tara916, Euchre, and I have been working hard to bring you all a quality amateur radio show and I have to say I am very excited about where it is all going for us. Obviously, good things for us, means good things for you as a listener & friend.

We have ironed out most of the Big problems with providing the show to a large audience. Now in addition to the Stickam broadcast we are also shoutcasting from and our own server at (Zenlive at In addition, shows will be Archived at with rss so you can subscribe and never miss a show again.

We have had great feedback and had a few people contact us about being on future shows. Friends of ours who also do shows have produced ad spots to air during our show and are playing our ads on theirs as well. ( see Friends of Zen Grid on my stickam profile)

We are saving for some equipment to make the show even more professional and have received a couple donations that will help with that. ( note: If anyone has a usb audio mixer they would like to donate please feel free to contact me via )

All in all this is a great learning experience for us and we Thank You All for listening, friending, commenting, rating and just plain being there for us.

Until Next Time... Be Well! ~ Zen Archer