Monday, January 15, 2007

Zen Live show Recap -

Last night Sunday Jan 14th was our first "Zen Live" Show. It certainly had it's set of problems. Starting with a muted mic for almost 5 minutes and the audience hearing NOTHING to multiple problems with skype conferences and call ins. Eventually we just fell back to my co-hosts Tara916, Euchre, and myself just using the stickam voice ( with lag ) to conduct the show. The topic was "technology - are we moving too fast" and "Video/Still Captures - the impact and responsibility to Internet users". All In all the discussion went well with the preponderance of the audience participating in text.

Here is the article that started the conversation for those who would like to read more on the subject.

We are working on a couple of new ideas to improvement the show as well as ironing out at least some of the technical difficulties. We hope you enjoyed the show and will all stop back next week. Feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to tell us what YOU think.

Until then, Be Well! ~Zen Archer

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