Thursday, December 07, 2006

About My Penis Pic..

About The Entry below..

On Dec 6th 2006 ( my 50th Birthday ) I had a great party in my friend SubTzuBuddhas Stickam room. As always, I held with my trudition of being in my Birthday Suit for at least one hour for my birthday. Since Stickam is not a place for nudity, I desided to share my nakedness with everyone in a very special way. Yes, I said everyone on my friends list ( almost 400 people ) would receive a nice pic of.... my penis. ( some were not exactly happy at the promis ) Since I wasn't sure how to send the pic in a Stickam mail post. I desided rather than have my friends miss such a rare event. I would simply share the pic with you all here! Happy B-Day Me!

=o) Be Well! ~ Zen Archer


Anonymous said...

i don't see the penis picture...and...are you a nudist in anyway...have you done a video about what you think about nudity...i'm interested in what you think about it ok?

Zen Archer said...

The Only "penis Pic" that was ever sent is the pic below.. The One with the "lights turned out"? It was just my way of having a little birthday fun.

As for nudity. If people are comfortible naked, then hell! Let them be naked. Obviously there is a place and time for everything. As long as they are not "inflicting: their nudity on unsuspecting others.. I don't have a problem with me. Fact is, If I didn't live with someone, I would probably be naked most of the time when in my own home. Shurg!

Thanks for your Comment.. and Be Well! ~ Zen Archer