Thursday, December 28, 2006

YouTube & Stickam update

Greetings Everyone & Happy Holidays!
I am sure, many of you are wondering where I have been? It's been an interesting holiday season so far here. Family and friends have been over for the holiday feast and present exchanges, as is customary. That meant decorating, cleaning, and a good bit of cooking. That has taken up a substantial bit of time.

Now that the 1st of the seasons celebrations has past, it's time to get ready for the next, the New year.

The past year has been full of wondrous opportunities, new friends, and personal growth. I have indeed been blessed both in my personal life outside the computer and online. I am always amazed by life in general. But this has been quite a year! I found that sharing my philosophy with others gave me a much richer life as well. I have found other like minded individuals, people who were not only willing to listen to what I had to say but also act accordingly, and those who offer thanks for the perspective that was a little different than their own.

If I were asked to name one thing that made me happy this year it would have to be the community of people I was lucky enough to find on YouTube and Stickam. You Guys are Great and I thank you all for being friends & fans. You have made this year awesome!

So, whats next? I can only imagine. I can tell you what my plans are. On Youtube, I am planning to 1st catch up on some loose ends ( Zenbay & Tiny kites). I will be bringing back the "Ask Zen" series of videos and be doing more Meditative vlogs (as requested). Thanks to a new 2 Ghz computer I hope these will be better edited and presented. While the look maybe a little different, the message will remain the same. So, look forward to the new vlogs!

On Stickam, I am planning to be Live more often. After a recent message from, and phone conversation with Arron Novak followed by a live stickam conversation with Andyfox & Cj of Stickam, I am very excited about where Stickam is headed and the changes they are currently considering. The Invite to change my account to the new "creator account" was very nice. I am sure many of you were also contacted to do this. I immediately made a banner for Balancing Act and added it.

I had planned to buy a channel subscription to web radio Live365 and do a talk radio show. Now, Stickam has made it easier and even more affordable! So... Rather than be scattered all over the web, I will be doing the show from Stickam. I hope you will stop in and have a listen.

At Rook has extended his hosting offer for the following year, I have acquired some new software to create flash websites, and thanks to donations have set aside the money to pay for the domain for the next year when this one expires. You will see a richer more comprehensive site develop over the next year. The site will be the same as my vlogs in many ways. Suggestions for personal growth. So, I will be working hard to being you the best that i can there as well.

I hope you will all come by, take a look, and subscribe so you don't miss all of these improvements to Balancing Act. Share with me your experiences, hopes, dreams, and most of all friendship through the next year. It's gonna be AWESOME!

Until next time... Be Well! ~Zen Archer

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