Friday, September 28, 2007

North Coast Maps to the Gathering

Okee Folks! Here we go!

North Coast Gathering is in SANDUSKY OHIO tomarrow SEPT 29th & 30th, 2007.

Attached are Maps from the West ( Toledo Ohio ) to the Campgroup and, From the East ( Cleveland Ohio ) to the Camp.

Also Includes Maps from the CampGround to Cedar Point & Ghostly Manor Skateland

All Maps and Directions were gotten from Google. If Looking yourself select your Home Location as Start and 3518 Tiffin Ave. Sanddusky Ohio 44870 and you detination.


Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

NorthCoastMaps.rtf - Real Text Format

NorthCoastMaps.Doc - Word 6.0 Doc File

If Maps Do not Download - E-Mail and I will E-mail them to you.

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