Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Viral Video Gatherings

Hi Everyone!

It has been a very trying and very rewarding month for me. I had a wonderful time at the recent "South Tube Gathering" in Atlanta Georgia on the 22nd to 24th of Aug. Then came back and Hosted the "North Coast Vloggers Gathering" in Sandusky Ohio. I have to say that both were very rewarding emotionally and socially for me. AND.. Both were learning experiences. I may speak about that on the "A Zen Life" Podcast later.

Hmarty, TubeGranny, Lemonette, and many others worked very hard on SouthTube and it showed. I am telling ya.. these things need to be about a week long so you have the time to meet and greet all the wonderful vloggers there! The Marietta Convention Center was a perfect venue. There were very nice rooms, a Bar, Restaurant, Gift Shop, and party rooms to go with a very scenic view of the Golf Course. I don't think any of it went to waste with Vloggers around every corner. The Only real problems I had was with transportation and that was my own fault for not planning better. It was a GREAT Time!

Then.. The following weekend the Zen Live Radio Show Hosted a more intimate gathering in Sandusky Ohio. The North Coast Vloggers Gathering. These two events were as different as night and day. We CAMPED in Amish Built Cabins. Had planned both a Skating Party & an Evening at Cedar Point. The Turn out for North Coast was very small, but that was my fault for not giving enough lead time for people to plan. Still, We had a Great time, meeting and hanging out together. So much fun in fact that we have already set next years date for this Annual event. We will be holding the North Coast (Vloggers) Gathering on August 22nd Thru the 24th 2008. MARK IT DOWN NOW and START PLANNING.. You won't want to miss it!

See you at the Zen Live Show Sunday.. Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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