Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Zen Live Show - Suspensions & Ban Lists

The show went great and was yet another of our best. The machine worked, pod was recorded, show shoutcast, topic well received and audience participation was top notch. We finally allowed calls into the show both through Skype and our call in skype phone number. I am Very Pleased with the result.

This Show was on the Suspensions at YouTube.com, LiveVideo.com & Stickam.com as well as the DMCA and Dealing with HATE on these services & the people who are involved in perpetuating this hate.

Argent009 was invited as a guest to explain his position, but he was for one reason or another not in attendance. One of the people Argent009 has identified as a “Terrorist” ( Argents word not mine ) came to the show to listen and was invited to phone in with his side. In Addition, Pipistrello ( of Wingspan Radio at Stickam & youtube member ) made a Skype call in to the show and spoke on the Anti-Hate method he purposed at Youtube called the R.I.D. Campaign.

Over all a great show with great guests.. I hope you enjoy the Archive of Our Feb 18th Show at Podbean.

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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