Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb 4th - Youtube/LiveVideo & Making $ Online

While we had our share of problems, the show went great. The Stickam Audience got involved in the discussion, the Zipster stopped in and answered questions, the total audience has grown to over 140 people. I couldn't be more pleased. This was the 1st Zen Live Radio Show that was Shoutcast to Internet radio listeners and our 1st to be recorded for archive. The show was completely user supported. Music was provided by Notfromtoronto (Greg), the commercials provided by Wingspans Radio & KnockOutRadio, Hosting for the show provided by and Zefie hosting ( previously Rkuchki of youtube ). My Supporting co-hosts (Tara916 & Euchre) volunteered hours of time selflessly. Thanks to every one who has supported Zen Live Radio!

The Archive of the show is available at

Until next time.. Stay Tuned & Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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