Monday, February 26, 2007

Zen Live - Friends Helping Friends & Bartering

This was our second show with the new set up and with the exception of some call-in problems & forgetting to start the archive on time, went very well. No Special guests, but a very verbose audience and that kept things light and fun. During Our breaks we played the music of both Jim Wayne and Lem from LiveVideo .com. Both songs had been featured on that site. I also mentioned that I have started a forum topic for users ranging from artist to techie to offer their work to the community for use or barter. Tara and Euchre each delved into areas of Friends helping Friends that I hadn’t considered making this a very well rounded show. I hope you enjoy our Feb 25th Show.

Intermission music provided by --

Greg aka "NotFromToronto":
(song - Waiting )

Jim Wayne :
(song - Your my Ship )
(song - Valse De Masque )

You can of course hear the latest Podcast of the show at ZenLive.Podbean.Com

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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