Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday March 11th show - No Live Audience - Podcast

Hi Everyone,

We are extremely sorry that you missed the Zen Live Radio show yesterday. There were some stickam technical issues and the stickam room couldn't be opened. We have contacted Stickam reguarding this problem. Some of you remembered that we Shoutcast to WimAmp, Media Player and iTunes and did listen in. Thanks for that guys. As YOU know, we still had a great show.

There were a few people who had some problems with the Wimamp & media player links. We don't want you to have any problems in the future. So I will be adding a NEW button to the profile. You can always tune into the Live Shoutcast show when we are On Air. Just add this to your favorites and Tune in Sundays at 8:30pm Est.

Now for those of you who missed the show... Don't be too upset. We did shoutcast and yes... We archived the show. It has to go through the normal editing process to remove long lags, normalizing the sound levels, etc. However We will be posting the entire show up on our Podcast Archives at Podbean... ( So, while you couldn't hear it live.. you can Still hear it.

We look forward to seeing you all in stickam chat and of corse on our show next week.

until then.. as always.. Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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