Monday, March 05, 2007

Zen Live - Apollo 11 & Science Fiction becoming Science Fact

While there were some technical difficulties due to some stickam problems, the show went as planned. Yet started about 10 minutes late. Tara916 and Euchre were both present in Audio since they couldn’t get into the room until the last few minutes of the show. There was also a much smaller LIVE Audience do to these Stickam problems.

As for the show itself, we started with a slide show that pointed to some of the reasons some believe that the Apollo 11 moon walk didn’t happen. Tara and Euchre did their homework and certainly brought up some valid points, as you will hear in this podcast.

The Intermission music was provided by “Anafree” & “JimWayne” of YouTube/LiveVideo. We encourage you to check out their profile pages there.

AnaFree ~

Jim Wayne ~

You can find other artists who are willing to share their music in the “media exchange” forum, on my own LiveVideo profile.

Videos shown was provided by westbrom06 at Youtube
“Apollo 11 Real or Hoax?”

Talked about on the show - “Apollo 11 the Untold Story”

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