Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zen Live on The Secret Dvd & The Law of Attraction

Zen Live On The Hit DVD " The Secret" & The Law of Attraction.
Aired ~ March 25th 2007

The Secret was reviewed by Tara918, Euchre and, Myself (Zen Archer). Tara and I had both watched the DVD a number of times while Euchre gleaned what he could from the multitude of online videos about the DVD posted by the Producers of the DVD.

We all found the DVD interesting but were disappointed with the aggressive marketing campaign by the producers and TEACHERS of the "law of attraction". This "Secret" isn't a Secret at all. It's taught by many many a self help author and guidance consolers around the world. The first mention of the Law of Attraction originated in early 4000 BC by Hindu practitioners.

Still Tara and I both have had some personal experience with the law. The Second segment of the show was spent mostly on the law, what it is, and isn't. How it works, and why. We hope you enjoy this Pod of the show.

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