Friday, August 11, 2006


Do to the ability to post from youtube directly to Blogger, I have decided to add this blog. This, I hope will help to integrate my blogs, podcasts, balancing act stores, donation buttons, etc. Please feel free to comment or message me, if you have any ideas for improvement to the sites.

Until Next time.. As Always.. I wish you all, Be Well! ~ Zen Archer


LibertyLover said...

Great videos. Will you do a video or have you done a video that explains the significance of your tatoos? I think that would be and interesting topic as I am sure others are curious.

Zen Archer said...

Hi Liberty,
Thanks for the Comment. You will find a description of all of my Tattoos and their meanings in my "Ask Zen Archer II" Vlog.
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The section on my tattoos starts at about 2:19.
Hope that Helps and thanks for Stopping by.
Be Well! ~ Zen Archer