Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Great NEWS - well for me anyway..

Hi Everyone!

This has been an exciting day for me for sure. Some of you answered my bulletin calling for people from Chicago recently. Those who have, already know what it was all about. A news paper in Chicago is doing a news story on YouTube and the users of the service. I was contacted and asked to be part of that interview and to have some photos taken for the paper. I origionaly declined, as I believed that my recent contract with a new website would exclude me from doing such a thing. I offered to assit in finding people in the area, whom I knew of, for them to look at as an alternative. So, I posted that bulletin for all my friends to see. Apparently the paper did contact someone and for some unknown reason are not able to get in contact with them. They in turn asked me to try to contact this person and my attempts were unsuccessful. I wrote back and told them, I had also tried.

Well.. today, I spoke with the (as of yet undisclosed) company I have contracted with and they asure me there would be no problems. I figured.. SURE! now you tell me! haha! I didn't think much more of it. However, as things sometimes seem work, for no apparent rhyme or reason, I got yet another call. From the News Paper! Seems they are pushed for the story and wanted to ask me again, if I was sure.

I explained that I had spoken with "the powers that be" and they said there would be no problem. As a result, I could do the interview & photo shoot. They said they would be in contact with me later today.. and I could expect to see them either Wednesday or Thursday. So.. right now it is looking as if I will be on the pages of the paper. How cool is that!

Here's an other little something extra...

There has been alot of talk on YouTube about vlogers accepting donations from those who watch them. I have vlogged on it myself. My view is, if someone is putting their time and energy into vlogging and others want to donate to the entertainment they get from these people, then I see no reason why that shouldn't happen.

However, YouTube Terms of Service excludes such things on the YouTube Site. If you watch my vlogs, especialy the one on the Terms of Service agreement on YouTube, You know that I try to follow it. in addition, YouTube pages are not customizable enough to put a donation button up. So, doing so on the YouTube Site, can't and shouldn't happen.

I have however, made the button available here for those who would like to use it. ( no one should feel ANY obligation to do so ) I am actualy, just testing the button out here. It will eventualy be moved to my own website. But at least for the time being you will find it here, just below the Blogger Icon in the sidebar.

Thats one more duck in line...

As many of you know, I recently Did a Joke Vlog about "starting a new religion". In that vlog I said we needed a Logo or Symbol. While I was only joking, endust3 almost immediately met the call with a new logo. I liked it alot. The Logo encompasses a number of recognisable symbols, including a yin-yang, a fish, & an Ank Cross. Since my philosophy of Karma-Zen is very much like that (barrowing from multiple inspirations) I thought it was a good logo to actualy use. I liked it so much that I have added it to a couple of items at the Balancing Act cafepress Gift Shop (http://www.cafepress.com/BalancingAct)

So as you can see.. it's been a busy and exciting day!

Thanks for stopping by the blog...
As Always.. I bid you... Be Well! ~ Zen Archer

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