Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cyber Cops & Real Life Criminals..

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, as the case maybe in your part of the world. It’s morning here. About 15 minutes before 8am. I am having a morning cup of coffee, my 1st few smokes and watching the news.
One particular story drew my attention. Seems a young girl (High School Age) had been jumped at her school by 3 or 4 girls. Just another say in paradise, I thought. BUT…these unknown girls made a huge mistake. You see they had a problem with the girl who was jumped due to her “MYSPACE “ page. Once they had committed the crime against her.. They bragged about what they had done.. Guess Where? YEP! MySpace! The girl saw this, contacted her local police who then requested the information from MySpace. Who of corse complied. End of the Story? All of the girls who had committed the crime have been arrested.

So.. I thought to myself.. Well GOOD! When I contacted outside sorces regarding an incident. MANY said, “no one can do anything except the service”. Guess again folks! Yep its nice to see these services comply with requests for information when it involves a criminal case. The Steps are clear. Notify local authorities, and a lawyer. Lawyers can often help to push police to action and usually will do the initial leg work to get things moving. Law Enforcement will then make requests when they are aware a criminal act is in fact taking place. These people who commit these crimes often feel untouchable because they are on the web. Slowly they are getting the message. They are in fact more vulnerable than the victims they pursue.

The Incident I mentioned isn’t the 1st time MySpace has been helpful to law enforcement. In addition graffitti artists ( known as taggers) have also been discovered on services like MySpace. I am providing 2 links below. The 1st is a report of 3 or 4 taggers, averaging age 17, being arrested and paying fines for the property damage they had created. My point here isn’t that Taggers are good or bad.. But that the law in many areas have officers dedicated to finding clues and individuals thorugh the internet. It isn’t just the cases of child molesters. It’s for much lesser crimes. I for one think that’s great!
How often does that really happen, skeptics may ask.. The answer is in this exert from Walking a new beat by MSNBC. “MySpace now contributing to about 150 investigations a month, according to Jason Feffer, its vice president for operations.”

Walking a New Beat
Surfing MySpace.com helps cops crack the case.

Web Site Helps Police Track Down Stoughton Vandals
3 Taggers (graffitti Artists caught and fined)

My personal feelings are that these things should be dealt with BEFORE something happens rather than reactively.
Until Next Time.. Be Well! ~Zen Archer

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