Saturday, August 19, 2006

ZenEbay Primer to the Series

Greetings everyone!
I have Started the Series "ZenEbay" as you can see.. Are you ready to make some money! I hope so. We will go through the entire process here.. get your Ebay and Paypal accounts set up and verified and stay tuned!

Until then.. Be Well! ~ Zen Archer


Poosh said...

eBay provide a great service but I've been recently branching outwards and taking my buisness elsewhere as the userfees on ebay in the UK are very harsh (though if mermory serves this might have something to do with a new EU law).

I was wondering if you think it likely that eBay "clones" will appear more in the future, forcing the userfees etc down ?

Zen Archer said...

Thanks for your comment. It is true that Ebay fees can be higher than most. However, I simply build those fees into my selling price and let the Buyers share that cost with me. ( note I don't charge for packing supplies)..

As for Clones.. I am sure many will try. Heck many established online services have tried. But so far no one has touched Ebays success. It will have to be one hell of an auction site!

Be Well! ~ Zen Archer